SMS Pin Verification Case Study: On the dot, from CitySprint

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CitySprint is the UK’s leading same day distribution network. They offer a comprehensive range of courier and logistical services, handling over 5 million critical deliveries per year.
On the dot from CitySprint
CitySprint have recently launched, a completely new type of service that delivers around you. On the dot guarantees that your items will be with you within a 1 hour delivery window of your choice. To ensure success, the service requires its users to provide accurate contact details.
The challenge:
CitySprint needed to know that the mobile numbers provided during On the dot’s account creation process were genuine. They also wanted to prevent the use of virtual mobile numbers (online numbers that do not belong to an individual). This, along with other data captured about the user, formed a key part of CitySprint’s “know-your-customer” objective.

The solution:
CitySprint integrated Doluna’s SMS API to provide an effective SMS pin verification solution within On the dot.

How it works:
During On the dot’s account creation process, the user provides their mobile number. On the dot then uses Doluna’s API to generate and send a unique pin code via SMS to that number. The user enters the received pin code within On the dot, where a final call to Doluna’s API verifies the pin. The On the dot system then completes the user’s account creation.

With the help of Doluna’s SMS pin verification solution, CitySprint’s On the dot service now has a quick and effective way of verifying mobile numbers, whilst keeping the online account registration process quick and simple for the user.

“As the Doluna solution is a digital native product, the B2C market we are targeting expect to have their mobile number verified. In today’s ever changing landscape, Doluna’s product provides that comfort and security required. Doluna’s SMS pin verification service does exactly what it says on the tin and allows us to securely validate key account information.

The integration of their product was seamless and we got great support from the whole team throughout the build of our application. The same high level of support still exists now we have gone live.”
Mark Davis, On the dot Project Manager

On the dot from CitySprint
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