SMS link tracking made easy

Use enhanced SMS link tracking to track clicks, direct by mobile device type and notify your server


Powerful SMS link shortening

Use powerful SMS link tracking features through our SMS API and our online bulk SMS campaign delivery manager.

Our SMS link tracking features are easy to setup. Drive your link traffic to personalised and relevant content that drives engagement, route SMS link traffic by mobile device type, notify your server on message clicks in real-time, and improve your mobile messaging conversion rates.

Device and contact analysis

Analyse your contacts device type statistics to focus your future application development. Learn who clicked, when, how many times & see their mobile device type.

Unique trackable SMS links

Use your own short domain or one of ours to save message space & track links.

Split link traffic

Provide multiple URLs to split your link traffic based on your contact’s device type. Ideal for app download links.

Increase landing page engagement

Create personal & engaging landing pages by forwarding additional data on link-clicks.

Click notification

Receive real-time delivery and click notifications directly into your applications to trigger follow-up.

</> Easy SMS API integration

Integrate SMS link tracking into your applications with our powerful SMS API. Its quick and easy to to get started – add two additional parameters to your API call and we’ll set up redirection for the message. Learn more about the SMS API here.

- api_service_key=YourAPIKey
- msg_senderid=ACME
- msg_to=447774409809
- msg_text=Your ACME order is now in stock ... {track}
- msg_trackdomain=
- msg_trackURL=

    "status": "OK",
    "trans_ref": "55651811-4bc8-402d-a662-7ae2579f3090"