Device based SMS link redirection

Redirect text message links according to your message recipient’s mobile platform


SMS link redirection made easy!

Doluna’s SMS link redirection feature is easy to incorporate within your text messages.

Create a text message containing a simple short link and send. We will redirect your link traffic to URLs you have provided according to your message recipients mobile platforms.

Use our online text message platform for a bulk SMS campaign, or our powerful SMS API to automate your link redirection text messaging.

Smart SMS link redirection

Provide up to 4 destination URLs for differing mobile platforms.

Create your text message including our smart link tracker, and send.

The recipient clicks the short SMS link within their text message.

We redirect the link to land on the correct URL for their device.

SMS to promote your mobile apps

Our SMS link redirection feature is the friction-free way of linking new users straight to your mobile app downloads on each of the major mobile platforms. We’ll redirect your SMS link traffic to the correct URL for the their mobile device enabling instant download. You can read more about using SMS to promote your mobile applications in our blog.