SMS keywords and short codes

Start relationships with a short code direct response

Text "KEYWORD" to 81400

A keyword and short code can begin a relationship. Use this direct response channel to build a valuable mobile audience.

Lead generation

Generate leads and opportunities from inbound SMS. Insert them directly into your CRM and react within minutes.

Subscription services

Provide  subscription access to content services with an opt-in / opt-out mechanism. Give control to your SMS audience.

Low cost solution

SMS keywords are low cost, quick to setup and implement within our system. The format is familiar to most mobile users.

Dedicated virtual long numbers (like 0781XXXXXXX)

Another useful option are virtual long numbers. Long numbers have the same format as a standard mobile number and are dedicated to your business. Your messages can be sent with this long number as the sender ID and replies can be routed straight back to your account.

Keywords and shortcodes FAQ

What is the set-up time for short codes & long numbers?

Shared short codes with a keyword and long virtual numbers can normally be provisioned within 24 hours. Dedicated short codes will be quoted for on application – please ask for more details.

Where will my inbound SMS messages be delivered?

There are various options available, depending on your requirements, including:

- We can hold your inbound SMS messages for you to download from our secure server.

- We can email your inbound SMS messages to your preferred email address.

- We can ping them directly to your own server via an HTTP protocol. Our API provides full SMS integration with your own software systems.

- We can load them into an RSS feeder.

Let us know how or where you want your messages to land and we’ll get them there!

What are SMS virtual numbers?

An SMS virtual number also known as “long number”, “long code” or “reply number” is a low cost, lookalike mobile number, that is used to receive inbound SMS messages.

Because the virtual long number is used as your SMS sender ID,  your message recipients can reply directly to your message.

Are you compatible with our system?

Yes. Doluna’s SMS REST API is platform independent and can be implemented with any system, regardless of the software application language used.

Our technical support team can provide any help or guidance that you need to get your integration completed. Developers integrate our API very quickly and its possible to run simple tests with Doluna’s API within minutes.

Further questions?

The options are plentiful when it comes to your inbound messaging. Whether it be used as a direct response channel, ease of reply for customers or a way to allow opt-in / otp-out management for communications.
We here to help you co-ordinate your ideal solution.

Want to talk about SMS?

Doluna are ready and waiting to support your messaging activity. We can help craft campaigns, work out features and requirements. If you are working on behalf of a client, we’ll become your solution support. Give us a call.