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HTTP Technical Specification

This SMS API gives you all the tools you need to automate messages from your own systems. Using common HTTP protocols you can send SMS messages world-wide, include special short links for redirection and receive HTTP call back notifications when messages are delivered and  links are clicked.
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This API includes methods for sending SMS in various formats and encoding.

  • HTTP GET/POST REST Implementation
  • Alphanumeric Sender ID
  • GSM default alphabet
  • Unicode message support
  • Delivery receipt call back
  • HTTPS SSL support
  • International number format support
This SMS API includes methods for embedding short URLs. Simple tag replacement allows you to specify a powerful redirection URL technique. Including:

  • Use your own short domain or one of ours
  • Tag will be replaced in your message with a short link
  • Link will automatically redirect to your long URL destination
  • Device type, browser type and operating system will be detected
  • Split traffic destination depending on device type
This API includes click through notification call back. Using the HTTP protocol, the Doluna platform can notify your website, CRM or call centre when a user has clicked their short link within your SMS message. Including:

  • Specify the additional URL when you submit your message
  • When the user clicks the link – we will post to the URL
This SMS API includes methods for SMS Pin Verification. Using the HTTP protocol, you can authenticate users by using their mobile phone number. Send an SMS message with our special {OTP} tag and we will deliver a unique pin number to that device. The API include 2 methods to control verification:

  • Send Pin – Specify our special tag as your SMS message
  • Check Pin – Make a second call to the API to check the presented Pin
  • Match, No Match or Expired is returned from the API
  • Multiple language templates are available
This API includes methods for sending payment links to collect money. Using the HTTP protocol, you can send payment requests that take link to a secure payment processor to collect funds due. Including:

  • Send text message with payment link
  • User clicks link and is taken through a customised payment process.
  • Money is deposited into your bank account through your payment processor.
This API includes methods for HLR Number Lookup. Using the HTTP protocol, you can synchronously validate mobile numbers. Including:

  • Check number – Lookup performed on internationally formatted number
  • Response returned with full operator details and roaming data.

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