SMS payments – instant collection via Sage Pay

Drive your off-site customer payments with SMS

Send SMS payment reminders that link to a mobile-optimised payment page to receive instant payment into your Sage Pay account.
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SMS payments – quick and easy REST API

Use our REST API to integrate your SMS payments messaging directly into your own website and software applications, regardless of the software application language, including:

Python   |   Java  |   .Net  |   PHP   |   Ruby  |  Swift   |   + more

The API is quick to integrate, most developers run simple tests within minutes.

Create a free trial account to get started and test our SMS payments service for yourself.

Reach your contacts, wherever they are, with a secure, convenient and instant payment solution.

More about SMS payments

Automate payment requests

Trigger payment requests from your e-commerce solution, CRM, call centre or business server and automate your collections to collect money 24/7. Get started quickly with our API.

Reduce collection time and costs

Reduce your call centre workload and collection timescales using our API to automate your payment collections. Give your customers a convenient, quick and easy way to pay you, wherever they are.

PCI DSS level 1 compliant

Our SMS payment collections are processed through Sage Pay’s secure, PCI compliant payment processing system. Either use your existing Sage Pay account, or create a new one to get started.

Efficient off-site collections

Our SMS payments service is ideal for one-off payments, subscription renewals and debt collection. Provide your customers with a convenient and instant payment option.

About Sage Pay

Sage Pay is the most recommended independent Payments Service Provider in the UK, and provides a range of services allowing you to process payments on-line, over the phone, through mail order and via card machines.

Part of the Sage Group, they are a highly trusted name in business, and are approved by all the major acquiring banks. Sage Pay are Level 1 compliant under the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) so you can be sure your customers’ card details are in safe hands. For more information about Sage Pay’s products and services, visit

SMS Payments – FAQ

Do I need a Sage Pay account?

Yes, to use Doluna SMS to send payment requests and receive payments, you will need to have an active Sage Pay account.  The Doluna SMS payment collections service is integrated with Sage Pay to provide a fully secure, reliable, PCI compliant payment solution.  Payments are collected directly into your Sage Pay account.

If you already have a Sage Pay account, great! Once you’ve integrated Doluna’s API into your CRM, e-commerce site, or business application, you can start sending your payment collection texts.

To visit Sage Pay UK website, please click here.

To set up a Sage Pay account, please click here.

What currencies can be used for payments?

The Sage Pay system has the ability to process payments many currencies.  We suggest that you talk to Sage Pay directly if you have specific currency requirements on your Sage Pay account.

Doluna can send text messages to many countries around the world, in many languages. To talk about your geographical requirements, please get in touch.

Is the payment process PCI compliant?


The capture, verification and storage of payment card information all takes place within the Sage Pay PCI DSS Level 1 compliant platform.

How much does this service cost?

If you already have a Sage Pay account, there are no additional costs from Sage in integrating Doluna SMS as a payments option, you will simply pay Doluna as follows:

1. A one-off Doluna set-up fee.
Includes the creation of your company’s branded payments pages. These are fully mobile-optimised to ensure that your customers have the best experience and can complete payment on their mobile devices easily.  The set-up cost will depend on any bespoke needs you have for additional functionality or features, but typically costs £100 – £300 + VAT.

2. Price per message.
Once your mobile-optimised pages are in place, you simply then pay for each text message you send through the Doluna service. Your price per message will be agreed with you up front and will be based on the volume of messages you’ll be sending, along with geography (the price per message varies from country to country). Please talk to us if you’d like more information on the price per message for your country/ies.

If you don’t yet have a Sage Pay account, we suggest that you take a look at the Sage Pay website for more information on the pricing options available for Sage Pay accounts.


How long does it take to go live?

This really depends on any bespoke needs and if you are new to taking payments with Sage Pay.

If you already have an active Sage Pay account, your developer can implement our enhanced API in just a few hours.  All that remains is for you to test the service and sign it off. We don’t imagine the whole process to take more than a few days.

What are the key set-up steps?
The key steps to set-up are:

  • You complete Doluna’s integration document application form and check that your Sage Pay account is active
  • Your developer completes our HTTP API integration (usually takes just a few hours)
  • Doluna creates your branded, mobile-optimised payment pages
  • You test the service to ensure that you’re happy, sign-off and go live!

Further questions?

If you have further questions or would like to talk through your SMS payments collection needs, then please get in touch.

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