Send SMS that empowers your business

Our bulk SMS delivery platform provides feature rich SMS for any size of campaign

SMS delivery campaign manager

Manage your bulk SMS campaigns with ease

Add powerful features that drive engagement with our straightforward SMS campaign manager.
Load your mobile contact data, create messaging templates, test with stakeholders and schedule your mobile campaign delivery in one simple user friendly interface.

Powerful bulk SMS features

Empower your mobile messaging with our suite of powerful SMS features

Personalise your messages

Personalise your text to increase relevancy and engagement.

Track your click-throughs

Add unique, trackable links to your text messages with ease.

Redirect & split your link traffic

We’ll detect and route your contacts to the correct destination.

Personalise the forward journey

Create a personalised user journey – we’ll forward your data.

All in one simple, message price

Know your customer with SMS

Who clicked

When they clicked

How many times

Their Device Type & OS

Analyse your bulk SMS campaigns with ease

Watch your SMS delivery in real-time with our graphical live reporting

Analyse your SMS campaign click-throughs to gain further insight into your contacts.

Learn their mobile device types, their operating systems and their browser – powerful information that can help you hone your future communications.

Doluna’s SMS delivery analytics also make it easier for you to calculate the ROI on your SMS campaigns.


A simple interface for powerful bulk SMS

Use our simple SMS wizard to add powerful features into your text messages

Enter your link URL/s

Enter your message link URL/s – we’ll split and direct your contacts to the correct landing pages.  Our shortlinks save message space, or use your own.

Create your message

Write your message and, with a few simple clicks, add your link and any additional custom data from your mobile number contact file to personalise your SMS.

Check and test

Review completed sample messages on screen to check how your finished SMS looks, then send test messages to check any links you’ve incorporated.

Watch and learn

Schedule delivery for the date & time you require. Sit back and watch real-time delivery progress, then review full analytics for your completed campaign send.
SMS user journey

Create personalised user journeys

Personalising your text messages is just the start.
Create intuitive user journeys that maximise engagement by forwarding personalised data on your link clicks. Link your bulk SMS traffic to destinations that contain personal or profiled content to increase relevancy to deliver better ROI.
SMS know your customer

Gain greater insight into your contacts

Get to know your customer.
Doluna’s SMS trackable links help you learn about your top contacts – who clicked, when they clicked, how many times and their mobile device info. Powerful information that you can then use to hone your future communications and maximise engagement.
Split SMS link traffic

Link your contacts to the relevant destination

Split SMS link traffic by mobile device type.
Send your contacts to landing pages that correspond with their mobile device type. Doluna will detect and split your link traffic to multiple destinations. Perfect for linking to your apps for example – send your iPhone contacts to iTunes and your Android contacts to the Google Play store.

Doluna’s account management provides outstanding support, experience and advice along with their enthusiasm to deliver more…”

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